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Tammy Wilhide Smith
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The Gambrinus Company

I entered the Shiner Beers Smoker Sweepstakes and won a $1500 Smoker. I got an email on November 21st. I had to post it on my Facebook and I was so excited that I could hardly sleep that night. I had the faith that I would win something and I did. YAY!!

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Oh wow!  That is so exciting!!  Nothing better than smoked meats!  I had a Traeger, loved it, but it got a short in it and burnt down our whole deck!  Looking for a new smoker, but I do not trust Traeger!  So happy for you!  Congratulations!!  WooHoo!

Posted Dec 2nd (2017) @ 3:36:21 PM #3
Bridget Xoxo
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Awesome win! Congrats

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