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United States Sweepstakes and fulfillment company Los Vegas Navada 1-855-254-4629

The united states sweepstakes and fulfillment company called me Monday November 27,2017. They said they were holding a package with my name attached to it. They gave me some information. Like a delivery date and names of people that were supposed to deliver this package. A Diane Kennedy was supposed to be the delivery person on Thursday November 30,2017. People that I spoke with on the phone about the sweepstakes Alyssa, 1-202-897-0006 Linda Michaels,Terry More. When I spoke with these people they asked me was I involved with publisher clearing house sweepstakes. I answered yes. The amount that was stated is nine hundred seventy five thousands dollars.

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Did you actually get the money is this for real? I didn't know that infinite sweeps was affiliated with the Publishers Clearing house?

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Sounds like a scam.

Posted Dec 9th (2017) @ 12:25:07 AM #4
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This is a SCAMMER

Posted Dec 26th (2017) @ 10:31:00 AM #5
Vanessa Richardson
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When will I receive my prize.

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